TGDA Projects - Aurora River Edge Park
Aurora River Edge Park
This Plan and Analysis for the City of Aurora’s proposed downtown River Edge Park integrates ecological practices of river, park, and urban design with financial programming, through a multidisciplinary public consensus process. The Master Plan rehabilitates the post-industrial Fox River shoreline into a setting of natural beauty, where the flow of the river is felt, connections to history and community can be realized; a place for exploration, celebration, interaction, and nourishment of the human spirit.

Aurora, Illinois is a quickly growing city of more than 150,000 people situated on the Fox River at the far western edge of the Chicago metropolitan area. Despite its dramatic growth and stature as the second largest city in Illinois, it has struggled to bring vibrancy to its downtown core. In an effort to affect change, municipal and private groups joined together to promote the creation of this plan for a new “Central Park” for Aurora that would become a regional destination and create a new image for the City. This Master Plan calls for the creation of a River Edge Park which will be world-recognized for its use of contemporary innovative design, its depth of local history, its community based facilitates, its connection to adjacent neighborhoods on both sides of the river – all the while celebrating the cultural and ecological life of the Fox River.